Contact / Feedback

Please contact me with any questions.  Once we start working together, feel free to email or call about questions you might be having.  This Food-Lifeline is fun for me, and hopefully a boon for you!

Interested parties can contact me via email:

You can also comment here on this site, and I will receive your inquiry.



7 comments on “Contact / Feedback

  1. David Busch says:

    Hi Scotty –

    The site is looking good. It’s a great project, and I can’t think of a more qualified person than you to do this type of education and training/coaching. If you ever want to do anything involving wine and would like some input, I am available !

    • swfoodworks says:

      Awesome, David! I’d love to work with you on some wine-bits. Meow, meow – Me-oww! Let’s connect when you have a minute and we’ll chat it up. Salt and Pepper!

  2. Michael Poland says:


    What a fantastic site! I wish I was near you to hire you as my food coach. I could use some help. Bravo! to you and your fantastic ability to show people the love of food!

    • swfoodworks says:

      Thank you so much! I’m really having a good time, and I hope that I’m reaching people in an important way. If I was closer, I’d be over in your kitchen in a heartbeat. I hope you are well and loving life –

  3. erin chamoff says:

    Can I just tell you how amazing this is!!!
    I have officially found my most favorite reference on the subject that rules my life and yet have few to share it with…
    It is this crazy website (or is it a blog…i have never blogged before…) that you have created with so much talent for detail…I love it!
    I will be checking in often…
    All my love and congratulations!

  4. Cindy says:

    Scotty!!! Your website is absolutely sensational! The recipes are so rich and tantalizing yet your cooking instructions make it all seem so easy (it’s like magic – You’re a chef not a magician, right?). I can barely look at the pictures without a bib (drooling all over myself).
    Congratulations on such a masterpiece! You are amazing.
    Cheers, Cindy

    • swfoodworks says:

      Wow!!! Cindy, I’m blushing!! Thanks so much for you nice words and thoughts. I’m glad this little project speaks to you. Thank You!! I’m also glad you have a bib handy 😉 You’re a gem, and we should catch up soon. Xo – Scotty

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