All About

Hey there!  I hope you are well, and eating well. My name is Scott Wiese, and SW Food Works is a  project where I work with small groups of people (households) to help inform the way their food and cooking is understood and appreciated. It is my inspiration to help people achieve their own food-related goals. I have also been working with a CHEK practitioner (hi, Shane!) to develop menus and deliver meals for his clients’ healthy lives.

For the last decade I have been busy in restaurants all over the country.  I hold a culinary degree from the New England Culinary Institute, and I have held positions from General Manager to Sous Chef in properties ranging from forty five seats to ten thousand square feet.

I wanted to start keeping track of all the food-related bits in my life, and sharing the goods with the interweb-world.

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to sharing with you –