A Quick (One-Handed?) Meal

After work yesterday, I wanted to make a quick meal, so I went for a classic; Stuffed Crepes with Walnut and Cheese Gratin.  For the filling, I browned some chopped up bacon, onion, apple, and currants.  Meanwhile I made the crepes.  I brought all of the sauteed bits together with a couple of eggs, and rolled it up in the crepes.  I covered the crepes with a little shredded cheese and walnut bits and popped into the toaster oven to broil.


And here’s the end result!  Quick, simple, tasty.


Okay.  For the non-believers out there, a special treat.  Here’s a video of me making some example crepes; with one hand.  If I didn’t have to hold the camera, it would have taken about half the time.


Crepe batter is a really simple ratio – 1:1:1/2   1 part egg, 1 part milk, 1/2 part flour.  A lot of serious recipes (like Alton Brown’s) will ask for you to rest the batter for a length of time, which is fine if you have the time.  If you don’t, or can’t wait (like me), plow right in.  They might not have Top Chef finesse, but they will certainly be tasty.

Bon Appetit !




2 comments on “A Quick (One-Handed?) Meal

  1. erin chamoff says:

    just imagine being chef “no hands”….

    ahhh…I can’t stop laughing right now!

    • swfoodworks says:

      OMG !!! ERIN!!!
      Laughing out loud about Chef NoHandz too! Love back to you, and I hope that the season is bringing you joys and warmth and love-

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