Tagliatelle, potatoes, Pt. Reyes Blue, walnuts, mushrooms, and black garlic –

Come Closer -

Yep.  That’s right.  Winter as we know and use it has gently settled into the bay area, and it’s time for some hot carb on carb action.  This is a variation of a dish that Michael Park made for me back in the days of Restaurant Vintage Park (Kearney, Nebraska).  We ate some great pasta there at the restaurant, and also (as my roommate from that period reminded me the other day) quite a lot of pasta at home as well.  Here’s to a healthy helping of cozy carbohydrates draped in creamy warmth.  Enjoy the show below!

For me, what’s great about this dish is its balance of flavors.  Bitter (from the walnut skins), sweet (black garlic, cream), sour (blue cheese), salt (blue cheese once again), savor or umami (from the walnut, cheese, and mushrooms).  There is also a earthy, and starchy goodness along with a pleasant blend of textures.  I like the nutmeg as an aromatic note, and the cayenne lends its heat which is welcome with a richer sauce.  Enjoy the season, and experiment with this pasta idea.  Substitutions, additions, subtractions and tweaks can all be employed with this forgiving bowl of comfort.

Be well and Eat well –



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