Chili Seared Pork Loin –


Here’s a shot of our last meal courtesy of the Castro Farmer’s Market.  Sigh.  I’ll have to move our weekly family meal to Thursday and take advantage of the bounty found at the Ferry Building’s Thursday Market.  Gladly the cross I bare…

Under the Prather Ranch Pork Loin… Pepperonata Roasted New Potatoes and Turnips, Bacon Sauteed Greens, a little Salsa Verde, and some of the Pan Jus…  Fantastic.

This dish incorporates aspects from Restaurant Vintage Park (Molasses and Cracked Black Pepper Pork Loin), The Bearded Frog (Soy-Balsamic Marinade), Butler’s (Puree / Plating) and the remains from the housewarming event (Latin flavors).  Every dish can be a work of Jazz-like improvisation, once you build your vocabulary and repertoire.

More stories in food to come this week.  Take good care!



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