Scallop and Chanterelle ‘Primavera’

Maybe more like a Pasta di Autuno.  Let’s be honest.  Spring is long behind us, but the spirit of ‘Primavera’ is alive and well is this dish that celebrates the transition between Indian Summer, and Bay Area Autumn.  As long as were in the “Honesty Zone”, this isn’t the dish I was thinking about making when I was wandering around the farmer’s market.  My housemates had mentioned lobsters yesterday…  They were on sale at the local market.

I love eating lobsters and chanterelles together, so that’s where I originally planned for this dish to go.  However; when I got to the market, I just didn’t feel like killing the little bugs.  And I certainly didn’t want ones that had been cooked already.  Who knows how they cooked those things.  So I opted for some little bay scallops instead.  I find I’m using vegetables cut like noodles in my pasta dishes more and more.  I like the texture, the color, and the interest they add.  This dish features a few veggies done in that style.  The story unfolds in pictures below.  Click for more info, tips and techniques.  Cheers!

Maybe when I have a little more time on my hands I’ll get back to the lobster business.  I do love to cook those little buggers.  Ah, well.  I hope that you are cooking with your senses and including flexibility in your repertoire of frequently used kitchen tools.  There are substitutions and variations for almost any dish you have in mind.  Don’t be afraid to bend with the breeze.

Here’s to your next cooking adventure!



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