Soup and Memories

Last night I found these lonely bunches of broccoli staring out from our vegetable crisper.  Sad little fellas, I just had to use them up.  Every time I look at broccoli, I remember working with Abram Bissell (now a sous chef at Eleven Madison Park) during my first year of culinary school.  Abram was fun.  He was also intense and creative.  Somehow he managed to get a little funding from the administration, at put together a couple of really fantastic multi-course dinning events.  One of the many dishes that we put out for those events featured broccoli.  However, it was broccoli stems – poached in butter.  It was delicious, and intelligent.  He turned a part of the vegetable that often makes its way into the compost bin, into a thing of interest and savor.  I wanted to make something that would honor that creativity and deliciousness.

As I was cutting up the broccoli, I snacked on a bit.  There was a distinct flavor of both coconut and almonds.  I had already decided on a soup, so I dived in.  The story follows in pictures.  Click on the pictures for more information – Cheers!

I hate to say it, but this was a really good soup.  I’m sorry I couldn’t share it with you all.  The flavors were nicely balanced and harmonious, and it was just what we needed on a breezy San Francisco night; light, and satisfying all at once.  I think Abram would have appreciated it as well.  So, gentle readers, please take inspiration from this demonstration, and cook with your senses, your memories, and most importantly your mouth.  Taste and think.  Then get cooking.

Yours, in good food and good spirits –



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