(Re)cooking With Love

Episode two in the series about how to cook great meals from last night’s great meal.  Love it.  This (re)cooking with love was brought to us courtesy of the Castro Farmer’s Market.  As I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts, shopping at the market is a great source of inspiration.  On this occasion, I kind of went overboard.  I grabbed bunches of braising greens, tiny eggplants, vibrant squash, fantastic mushrooms, free range grass fed beef, you get the picture.  We had a huge family style meal that night, and there was plenty of fodder for this episode.  Enjoy!

I’m working with a couple of friends who want to cook big meals once or twice a week and fold those meals into different meals for the rest of the week.  In this endeavor, I hope to highlight different ways to use your food to your advantage.  M.F.K. Fischer notes that she always cooks ‘with one canny eye on the leftovers’.  This resonates with me, and I hope it makes sense to others was well.  It certainly provides a wealth of opportunities.

My years of working in professional kitchens also informs my decisions here.  In that environment, nothing should ever be wasted.  Even though this ideal is often sabotaged (by spoilage, error, and so on), I still have the motivation to utilize every salvageable bit.  And I encourage that posture!

Use it or loose it!

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One comment on “(Re)cooking With Love

  1. I love it; the new look and especially the tag line! You are definitely my “food life-line”. Great work. I can’t wait to keep reading.

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