(Re)cooking with Love

Welcome Back!  After last night’s inspired meal, I had a lot of food left over.  In preparation for my upcoming food coaching life, I wanted to document an example of transforming last night’s dinner, into tonight’s meal.  The additional inspirations come from two places; when I have a whole chicken, I make a stock from the bones, and the Mother/Son duo of Michael and Karen Park.

I worked with Micheal and Karen at Restaurant Vintage Park in Kearney, Nebraska.  I learned so much from them about the love and care that goes into making great food, and great hospitality.  In fact, my time at RVP led me to culinary school, and the path that I’ve been traveling for the last eight years.  Like all of the great teachers and mentors in my life, I think of them often and I’m so grateful for the time that we shared.  Every once in a while we would make a soup like the one I’m got pictured below.  The flavors always remind me of that time and place.  Click on the pictures for a little more information and some tips/suggestions for making this delicious dish at home.

Maybe I’ve been a little sentimental lately, but cooking brings up some many memories that I cherish.  I hope that you are cooking from love, and remembering all of the delicious friends and family you have.

Wishing you only the best-



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